Construction workers for Aluminium & Glass facades in Stockholm & Gothenburg - Sweden

Gothenburg and Stockholm

Short info

Place:                 Stockholm, Gothenburg
Scope:                100 % (full time)
Position:             Glass and aluminium                                       installer 
Industry:            Construction
Start:                  As soon as possible
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Ad-ID: 17530037
Published: 2021-06-11

We are looking for several construction workers to projects in Stockholm and in Gothenburg at full time. We re looking for experience in glass and aluminium facades. Welcome with your application!

About the work

Our client work with aluminium and glass facades at construction sites and large buildings in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The company uses heavy materials and equipment to construct the facades at high altitudes.

Safety and knowledge as well as physical strength is important factors when working at theese sites.

Our client is one of the biggest European companies specialized in glass and aluminium facades with unique projects, innovative solutions and over 500 coworkers in international teams.


We are looking for experienced construction workers with training in Hot Works and Training for work at high altitude/Lift Training. It is also important that you have good physical health/strength since some of the work requires heavy lifting and tools.

To perform well in the team it is important that you can work independently as well as to collaborate with your coworkers.

You will be hired by Love My Office and work for the client at their construction sites.

We value:

  • Experience within glass and aluminium facades
  • Can work independently and in groups
  • Have training in Hot Works
  • Have Lift Training
  • Can communicate in English, Russian and/or Lithuanian

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